Washington Post: Airline Ticket Processor Reports Computer Theft

My spin: Ok, so this company had computer theft of several pieces of computer hardware and it made the headlines. But listen very carefully. What if someone stole the computers out of your smaller business and it didn’t make national headlines – but your business was in danger as the PC’s stolen contained vital customer data or other info that a competitor could use against you.
I beg you – secure your technology from physical theft and electronic theft.
An Arlington-based company that processes consumers’ plane ticket purchases for the major airlines said yesterday that a computer containing passenger data has been stolen.
Spokesmen for several major airlines confirmed that the data included credit card information, but said they are working with the credit card companies and are monitoring the situation for potential fraud. They said that no unusual account activity has been detected so far, and they are not suggesting that customers cancel their credit cards as a result of the incident.
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