Washington Post: Cutting the Cord With WiFi’s Help

My spin: WiFi is no longer some rinky-dink thing for geeks. But is a REAL and becoming main-stream technology for the masses. It’s efficient, easy to use and just “there” like water.

Ann McLean set up WiFi service at ice-skating rinks in Laurel and Ashburn so parents can access the Internet while their children are at hockey practice. She hopes her business will break even by midyear. (Lucian Perkins — The Washington Post)
Charlene Mattson, hockey mom to 13-year-old Jessica, taps away on a laptop computer in the Ashburn Ice House pizza parlor amid the sounds of scraping ice and referees’ whistles as she waits for practice to wrap up.
For access to the Internet she can thank another hockey mom, Ann McLean, president of Network Nation Inc., which also provides wireless Internet access to a rink in Laurel. Then there is Alan S. Kobran’s LinkSpot Networks Inc., which is using the same wireless technology to sell Internet access to thousands of nomads in RV parks around the country.
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