Why Google is simply so wonderful.

My spin: Listen, the reason Google is so great and loved and used by so many, including me, is for a few reasons that NONE of the other search engines or “destination” web sites can match.
1. It’s simple – no glizty ads and clutter all over the place
2. It gives you a LOT of quality information as a result of your search query
3. The ads it does have, or clearly labeled and of high quality and relevancy
Google will crush every other search engine for these three reasons and more.
Have you done a search on Yahoo recently…it’s like you are searching through TimeSqure in the middle of the night. You are blinded by the lights.
Washington Post: Google Fans Fill Web With Buzz Over IPO
To get a sense for the level of hype surrounding the possibility that Google Inc. will become a public company this spring, there’s at least one surefire way: Google it.
Type “Google IPO” into the vaunted search engine, and within 0.07 seconds, links to 14,000 Web sites come bounding back. The links lead in every direction: online columnists predicting the company’s initial public offering of stock will be the first bang of Internet Boom 2.0, discussion threads in which investors pine for a piece of the company, a blogger who insists simply that the Google IPO “is evil.” (full story)