Your Way Web Gets IT Right; Web Development Firm Offers Outsourcing Solution to Small and Medium Businesses

My spin: Web design firms are a dime a dozen, but my question to would be WHAT MAKES YOUR SERVICE different than any other companies web site design service?
Interactivity. To many, it’s just another Internet buzzword thrown around by slick designers in the eternal quest for new clients. But to the IT gurus at Your Way Web (, interactivity is something altogether different. Their mission: To develop and maintain highly functional, truly interactive sites. The twist: They do it inexpensively — and, if needed, anonymously.
“These days, everyone knows they need a Web site. But the technology moves so quickly, it’s often quicker and easier to outsource or subcontract interactive Web development,” said Lutcher Brown, president of Your Way Web. “That’s where we can help. HTML designers, graphic artists, small and medium sized business owners and even IT directors can work with us confidentially to add interactivity to their sites or to those of their clients.”
Specializing in back-end client tracking, real-time customer functions, connecting sites to interactive office database systems and other interactive features, Your Way Web has always been one of the early adopters. The firm designed its first Web site back in the mid-1990s and never looked back.
Your Way Web has now built dozens of online stores and hundreds of Web sites for all kinds of organizations, from mom-and-pops to international conglomerates. But one thing hasn’t changed: Your Way Web’s focus on all things IT.
Daryl Krause, president of technology consulting firm Adaptive Concepts, based in Austin, Texas, said, “We used Your Way Web for one of our clients to digitize and edit almost twenty-five hours of training videos. From the beginning discussions about the applicability of the video within our client’s organizational context through the post-production and programming itself, and all the way to completion, I was impressed with Your Way Web’s obvious commitment, knowledge, sincerity of purpose, and energy.”
Brown continued, “Our core competency has long been IT specialization. It allows our clients to focus on bringing their own core competencies to market as quickly as possible. The more complex a client’s online operation is, the more cost-efficient outsourcing becomes. Shortage of IT resources — the never-ending quest for skilled technology workers — lands on the doorstep of outsourcing vendors. Many companies do not have the personnel, equipment, capital or the need for a full technology team. They benefit like never before by outsourcing their IT functions to a dedicated Web development firm like Your Way Web.”