64-bit computing on a notebook

eMachines is offer a notebook computer with a 64-bit AMD processor. Your regular processor on your computer is most likely a 32-bit processor running Windows software. However, a 64-bit processor runs much faster BUT requires software optimized for the 64-bit chip.
The USA Today article reads, i part, Though the 64-bit story is a great marketing hook, there’s almost no consumer software that can yet take advantage of it. Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows XP operating system remains unreleased, in beta testing. Until it’s released, there’s little point for other software companies to sell 64-bit programs.
However, the article continues to read (towards the end) Unfortunately, it’s not known how much longer the machine will be available. Last month, Gateway announced it was buying eMachines for $235 million in a deal scheduled to close in a few weeks.
Gateway now sells only systems built on Intel microprocessors, and spokesmen at both companies declined to say whether the merged company will start using AMD chips.