Aladdin Knowledge Systems to Unveil World’s First-Ever USB Smartcard Token With One-Time Password Functionality

My spin: If you want to secure your computing environment, password based access is the way to go.
Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALDN) today announced it will unveil the first-ever USB smartcard token with integrated One-Time Password (OTP) capability. Based on the award- winning Aladdin eToken key, the new device revolutionizes the two-factor authentication market by giving users the flexibility to authenticate using USB connectivity or standalone OTP in a single device.
Today, enterprises require versatile and easy to use means for strong user authentication while maintaining a manageable infrastructure. Based on years of experience providing smartcard/token solutions, Aladdin introduces its next-generation device for cost-effective and flexible strong user authentication.
The new USB token combines Aladdin’s proven eToken PRO USB smartcard with an LCD display, battery and an OTP-generation button. More secure and convenient than existing OTP devices, the new token utilizes its advanced smartcard technology for both one-time password as well PKI operations. With built-in RSA 1024 bit keys for generic PKI operations and 160-bit symmetric key encryption algorithm for OTP, the new device supports both CAPI/PKCS11 and RADIUS.
“While many organizations are currently implementing PKI-based systems, not all enterprise applications are PKI-aware, making it impossible to offer a single authentication device for all users,” said Leedor Agam, vice president of eBusiness & eToken Solutions at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. “Aladdin’s next generation device overcomes this common problem by combining all-in-one support for PKI applications, password storage and OTP-based strong authentication when not connected to a PC. Aladdin is pleased to provide a sneak preview of this revolutionary, high-security device that is planned for release in Q2 2004.”
In OTP mode, the eToken requires no client software on the user’s laptop or PC, providing complete mobility while ensuring strong, two-factor authentication for remote access and secure transactions. The new device will seamlessly support all the applications currently supported by eToken today, including secure VPN access, network logon, email protection, web access, single sign on and data encryption. For more information about the Aladdin eToken and its capabilities, visit