Another 250 US jobs go to India

My spin: The Washington Post is reporting that is closing down its Virginia call center and will move it to India.
A few things:
1. Companies must save money.
2. Indian call centers are cheaper, so this does save money
3. I guess anyone in a call center should keep their options open and be prepared to possibly lose their job
4. But not just call centers – any “service” that can be outsourced
“The company expects to save $10 million in the first year alone by outsourcing calls now answered by employees at the Clintwood facility and a San Antonio call center, Travelocity spokesman Joel Frey said”
“The Clintwood center is expected to close by the year’s end, Frey said. An additional 50 jobs will be trimmed from the Texas center within seven months, he said. “

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