Car Dealers Need Technology Too

A powerful group of Web- Enabled solutions, designed to improve the performance and integration of automotive dealership “front-end” operations, was introduced by the Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NYSE:ADP) at the National Automobile Dealer Association’s (NADA) 2004 Convention and Exposition. NADA 2004 takes place in Las Vegas from January 31 – February 3, 2004.
By integrating all areas of the front-end with new Web-enabled solutions for Vehicle Management, F&I, Desking and Digital Contracting, ADP continues to address dealers’ needs and drive dealer return on investment. And with expanded CRM offerings, ADP continues to offer dealers of all sizes a choice of customized front-end management tools.
“Over the past year ADP Dealer Services has delivered a series of Web- Enabled products and services that bring state-of-the art, next generation technology to our customers,” said Kevin Henahan, senior vice president of marketing at ADP Dealer Services. “Our totally integrated, comprehensive front-end solution drives profitability and returns as high as a 32% increase in sales, a 10 point increase in CSI scores, and higher accountability.”
w.e.b. Vehicle Offers Real-Time, Real-Results
ADP’s new vehicle management solution, w.e.b. Vehicle, is a complete vehicle inventory solution that enables optimal inventory selection and accelerates the stocking process by integrating with OEM systems.
w.e.b. Vehicle features robust, easy-to-use, Web-enabled technology tools that help dealerships monitor vehicle expenses through superior cost analysis and more precise floor plan tracking. Integrated with ADP’s dealer management system (DMS), w.e.b. Vehicle ensures the accuracy of dealership vehicle inventory with real-time updates. By receiving information in real-time, employees gain the knowledge needed to match consumers with the right vehicles, expediting the sales process.
w.e.b. F&I Improves Closing Ratio, Raises the CSI Score
ADP’s new, complete web-based F&I solution enables dealerships to maximize profits on every vehicle purchase. ADP’s w.e.b. F&I helps dealers improve their closing ratio through better handling of complex transactions and unique deal configurations. It also features a Desking tool for multiple deal comparisons. Front-end profits can be maximized through customizable deal structures, automated opportunities for up-selling, and improved deal accuracy. w.e.b. F&I also can help pick up CSI scores by increasing the speed of the customer purchasing process while finding the right car and the right deal.
Digital Contracting Manages Forms Archiving, Retrieval
ADP’s new Digital Contracting, a completely electronic contracting method, delivers library, layout, mapping and output of the F&I forms. It manages the forms archiving and retrieval and integrates all of the key stakeholders in the process, including banking institutions and government agencies. Digital Contracting increases cash flow for the dealership by providing a quicker end- to-end process and establishing superior compliance, resulting in a better customer experience.
New CRM Packages Improve Lead Follow-Up
Through new enhancements to ADP’s already robust CRM solution, Right Relationship 360, dealers can now utilize a fully featured Desk Log for Sales Managers, use Integrated Desking, and integrate with ADP’s Network Phone.
Designed to meet the needs of dealers who want to focus on specific areas of their dealership, ADP also offers two new CRM packages, Campaign Management and Sales Management. Campaign Management enables a dealer to easily target market to their current sales and service owner base, and the Sales Management package focuses exclusively on showroom and Internet follow-up. Both offer dealers the flexibility to customize solutions that best meet their needs.