Desktop vs. laptop: Which do you really need?

My spin: Anchor Desk’s David Coursey helps answer the age old question, of do we need a desktop or laptop.
As laptop computers get more powerful there’s less and less need of a desktop computer. All you need is a large screen for the most part. Of course in a few rare cases you might want to do some internal expansion, but for most of us, a notebook computer screen would be fine.
As David points out though, THE POINT HERE is that, whatever technical equality now exists between the two form factors, there remains both dollars-and-cents and practical/personal choice reasons to choose a desktop, laptop, or both–which is really my recommendation.
With prices as low as they are, I can have a laptop for use around the house and occasional trips and a very nice desktop for a combined price of $2,000 or less. That’s a heck of a deal compared to hardware prices not that long ago.

The optimal thing is to have a travel notebook, real small and a full fledge desktop computer.

2 thoughts on “Desktop vs. laptop: Which do you really need?

  1. longhorn

    I agree with him, I mean mobility wise, you should better choose a laptop that you will have everywhere you need it to. Actually it depends on the user type. If you are a user that doesn’t need to go out of your house that much maybe your old desktop will do. But if you are a busy kind of person and needs the laptop in your job. Then might as well invest to the new one.

  2. longhorn

    I guess it depends on the type of the user. If you are an individual who requires a laptop in your job, then might as well purchase one. But if you are a kind who doesn’t need to go out that much, then just your old desktop will do. Some people might just want their gadgets to adopt with their busy kind of living.

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