Enhancing your communications with Online Communication Tools

My spin:As your business grows, you’ll find that two things happen.
1. You have more customers to sell to and support and need more staff to help you do it
2. You want to do more for your customers and offer a higher degree of service over time
One very important aspect of every business is communication.
You’ve got to communicate with customers, with prospects, with staff and with partners.
Phone calls are good and are an important, very personal way to do business. However, you can only talk to one person at one time and usually you’ve got to spend about 45 minutes “chit chatting”.
Faxes, are on the decline, but still used by many industries. As a recent Forbes article, that was profiling j2 Global Communications read, “imagine trying to buy a house without faxing anything”.
Email is wonderful, but you can only do so much with email. Furthermore, there’s so much spam and fear of viruses – sometimes you have to think twice before using it.
Of course, in person communication is the best and most intimate communication possible, but it’s limited by geography.
While all of these technologies are good, there’s one more set of technologies that you should keep in your arsenal of communication tools.
Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing.(full story)