Fineprint. Your printing will never be the same.

My spin:Sometimes there comes a time in your life, when you realize that you need a solution.
For most of us, we go buy the solution. Maybe its a toaster. Some shoes. A house. A computer.
Jonathan Weiner and Mark O’Brien, founders of FinePrint, had that moment in 1995, while working at Fidelity Investments. However, instead of buying their solution, they made it.
That’s the benefit of being a computer programmer.
At Fidelity Investments, Jonathan was a programmer and often had to print out pages and pages of programming code. When you have thousands of lines of code, just hitting print and waiting to get reams of printed paper is not always a feasible solution.
So Jonathan and Mark, created a software tool that would allow them to easily make booklets, print on both sides of a paper, put 4 pages (or more) of text on one sheet of paper and so much more. (full story)