Get security in a USB key

Everbee Networks announced a new device that lets families and business professionals keep network-connected PCs safe from security threats without the hassle or cost of constant software or hardware updates.
The Everbee Secure(TM) device is small enough to fit in a pocket, yet powerful enough to deliver a complete range of protection — from virus blocking and intrusion detection and prevention, to network encryption, content filtering and parental controls. A user simply plugs the device into the PC’s USB port to activate the security features.
The device does not require any additional hardware or software to be installed on the PC. Built with convenience in mind, Everbee Secure is ideal for businesses, mobile workers, students who access campus networks, and consumers who want to safely access Internet services in their homes.
Everbee Secure provides application-level firewalls to allow protected access to popular Internet services, including instant messaging, chat and Internet gaming. It works with dial-up, cable modem, Ethernet, DSL, and Wi-Fi networks on any desktop or laptop system. (A photo image and additional information are available at
Everbee Secure uses Everbee’s patented xNSP(TM) silicon-based firewall technology and innovative software from Everbee and selected partners to address security threats in a new way. The company’s researchers wanted to enable anyone to securely access network resources anytime, anywhere — without needing third-party intervention or vast technical know-how.
To that end, they took a “security at the gate” approach, which creates a protection zone between the network and the PC through which all the data from the network flows. Plugging in Everbee Secure opens the “gate” for legitimate data and content while constantly monitoring and protecting the user from threats.
“Traditional software-based security can sometimes be intimidating to users given the configuring and updating required, and hardware-based solutions that sit on the network usually require an IT professional or consultant for set up,” said Jay Morris, Everbee vice president, marketing. “We wanted to give people the ability to access enterprise-quality security that they can manage themselves through this portable, personal and easy-to-set-up and -use device.”