Going mobile. BACKUP your data

My spin: If you plan on going mobile, as it looks like most business people are, remember to have a backup of all your data, and especially your VERY important data. In addition, if you have “secret” information make sure that it is encrypted, so if your data is stolen – either just the data by hacking or the entire device is stolen it will be difficult for the theif to access your information.
USA Today reported in part, that Toting around a computer filled with valuable data, however, is a growing risk: If the computer is lost or stolen, the user loses everything ó from a prized doctoral thesis to bank account numbers to records of passwords.
When the thrill of being unplugged outweighs the danger of losing essential data, there are a number of technologies that make it easier to back up those files, keep them hidden and even track down the missing computer itself.
One potential device for computer users is a USB-compatible drive often called a pen.
Another possibility is a portable hard drive, such as a microdrive, made by companies like Hitachi.
After that, it’s a question of protecting the data and rendering the computer useless in case someone walks off with it while your back is turned at Starbucks.