Google – IT WILL make you money!

My spin: I use Google as my primary online search tool, and also Google serves some ads on my web site. For retailers, Google is ALSO an excellent way to get online revenue.
1. Google is so popular, often the main search engine by online users. There are others but Google is used by most.
2. Secondly, while Yahoo, MSN and others have flashy ads, and try to make their “portals” look like some multi-media fashion show, Google’s site is simple, clean and neat. You search for Italian suits and you get thousands of listings in the main search area but then a handful of search results paid for by companies that are most likely selling suits.
A retailer just can’t beat that and get something that precise in the real world – brining a customer’s need instantly close to their potential solution.
The Washington Post article reads in part: Co-owners Ken and Tom Carlton spent $200 a month to get an ad for their business to pop up when someone searched for “roll forming,” a process that turns metal into different shapes.
“Within days,” says Ken Carlton, the ad “generated millions and millions of dollars in sales…. I shudder to think of where we’d be… without Google.” Sales for the 26-employee firm are up 35%…….
“I live, breathe and die Google,” says Chris Winfield of New York-based 10E20 Web Design. He charges $1,500 to $5,000 to help make Web sites “Google friendly” and get them in Google’s index of 3.3 billion Web pages…..
Google’s process of ranking pages is automated. Its 10,000 computers crawl the Web constantly to find new sites. Google says placement in its index cannot be bought and hinges on the quality and popularity of a site.
Because Google’s index constantly changes, sites run the risk of dropping in the rankings. But there are ways to lessen that risk…..
Search marketing has changed what an ad is,” says Sheryl Sandberg, Google’s vice president of global sales. “On television and magazines, (ads) are perceived as an interruption…. But online, I’m not bothering you. You searched for information, and I’m giving it to you.”
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