Intranets Take Second Place to Public Internet

My spin: Of course Intranets, private corporate networks, take second place. The ‘net has an almost unlimited supply of information from a very diverse set of persons. An intranet, by contrast, only has the information posted by a very finite number of people from one source “the corporate mind”.
On the other hand, an Intranet is a valuable asset for hosting internal corporate knowledge.
Press Release: Despite heavy investment in Intranets by companies, the public Internet remains the primary information source for knowledge workers according to a global survey by Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of real-time current awareness and business information solutions. When questioned, 57.8% of respondents admitted that the Internet was their primary information resource in their daily work routine whereas only 10.9% considered the Intranet to be their main source of information.
The survey of 2,200 knowledge workers underlined the dominance of Internet based information by highlighting that 47% of respondents claimed that all of the information they needed for work was available on the Internet. Similarly, 69% labelled Internet content “very valuable” to their work.
Jim Pitkow, CEO of Moreover Technologies, said: “The Internet remains the primary information resource for knowledge workers because it is on the Internet that people find mission critical up-to-the-minute business information. Intranets, despite the large investments made in them and because of the labour and costs associated with maintaining them, often do not provide the timely and up-to-date information that employees require. Studies have shown that in order to really maximise the return on investment of an Intranet implementation, current awareness content that is relevant to the work that people do is essential.”
“Information on the Internet varies in quality and companies should be aware that it forms such a key part of their employees’ information consumption behaviour. Moreover’s solutions address these issues by organising, refining, and categorising Internet information before it is delivered to a company’s Intranet. This gives company employees the flexibility to filter out the ‘noise’ of the Internet if they wish and to only receive information that is relevant to them. In this way businesses can not only maximise the ROI of their implementation but can also ensure that their workers have an efficient, accurate, and reliable information resource.”