– a dot com that gets it right

My spin: I can remember, covering Intranetics several years ago, as I recal its was named “software in a box”. According to the NY Times it sold about 200 Intranet software packages to 200 customes at $5,000 each.
Then it changed its name to and gave the service for free, hoping for online advertising.
According to the NYT: “Within 90 days, it had signed up 60,000 people, companies or organizations. That number grew to 1.3 million users spread around the world, using 50 million on-line minutes a month doing everything from sending e-mail messages, checking company data or taking part in company discussion groups. grew to 70 employees and began a similar service in Japan. Though the company was losing $1 million a month by early 2001 (with revenue of $100,000 a month), nobody seemed to mind.”
It changed this model to fee based and according to the NY Times, “Today, with 175,000 customers from nearly 7,000 companies and organizations, the company says it has one of the largest paid Web subscriber sites.”
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