Jeff Wuorio, bCentral Columnist and small business advisor launches two services

Mr. Wuorio is available to work one-on-one with businesses on issues specific to their business needs such as marketing, customer service, dealing with the media, or other pertinent topics. This new service-delivered via email or telephone-affords the business owner a convenient, cost-effective means of working with Mr. Wuorrio individually to address those areas deemed most important to the business owner’s success.
If you’ve enjoyed his columns on Microsoft bCentral, don’t miss this opportunity for a personalized, specific examination of your business and what you can do to help your operation flourish.
He is also developing a regularly scheduled series of online seminars geared to topics of particular interest to
businesses. These highly-concentrated seminars will be designed to lead entrepreneurs, executives, students, and
others through issues and ideas that are central to effective business planning and execution. Areas to be addressed include business plans, financing, marketing, public relations, personnel management, customer service, and other issues vital to both business success as well as personal satisfaction and growth.
The web-hosted format will feature a lecture-like introduction, followed by question and answer and group
discussion. This is a terrific way to work with me on areas of your business that are important to you, plus it’s an
opportunity to participate in important group dynamics with others sharing similar interests and motivation.
For program details and fee structures, simply send an email to jw @ or visit him online and get ready to make the coming year your most profitable and personally fulfilling ever!