Looking for a printer? Check out Xerox

My spin: If you are in the market fora new printer(s), Xerox has unleashed a slew of new printes that can fit just about any budget and need. Check out their Web site for all the details. Then check out their competition – Lexmark, Epson, and HP.
Remember, the most expensive part of a printer are the consumables.
News Factor is reporting in part that: Beleaguered by major accounting problems less than two years ago, Xerox is attempting to build up steam, touting a group of new offerings unveiled late last week as “industry innovations.”
Five new printing and imaging systems, ranging from US$979 to $99,000, “fundamentally change the competitive dynamics of today’s markets,” says Anne Mulcahy, Xerox chairperson and CEO. The new platforms will result in “faster product development cycles and lower manufacturing costs,” she said in an address to customers at Xerox headquarters last week.