Mobile Messaging to Become the New Communications Tool for Businesses

My spin:Mobile messaging, is not yet very main stream as many people still use their cell phones just for talking. However, increasing more individuals are taking advantage of the text messaging features of their phones and businesses, like Clickatell are poised to ride the wave of mobile communication solutions.
Source: Data revenues for Vodafone increased to 15.9% of controlled service revenues for the year to December 2003 from 13.9% for 2002. SMS, however, still accounted for nearly all of the data revenues (Ref:
This, along with the fact that the number of text messages sent in one day in the UK reached an all time high on New Year’s Day 2004, in excess of 110 million, is a clear testimony that data revenues (and specifically SMS) are still very much on the increase. Mobile message aggregator Clickatell confirms this and have themselves experienced a significant increase (140%+) in their mobile messaging for 2003, due to businesses rapidly starting to accept the benefits of mobile data services. These services include messaging (SMS, EMS, etc), alerts, mobile marketing, content, premium rated messaging and a host of other applications.
The use of mobile communications has increased substantially in a short space of time, and with the key motivations being lower expenses, improved workflow and higher productivity, industries are now responding positively to the mobile messaging offerings currently available by Clickatell and its resellers. This is becoming increasingly evident by the growth in spending by Clickatell’s clients and Clickatell’s rapid increase of its customer base over the recent years. But, it’s not only Clickatell’s client base that seems to be increasing. EMC reports that they expect the total number of mobile data subscribers to be close to, or even exceed ‘115 million’, fuelled primarily by the continued growth in the Asian region. Clickatell expects that this growth will have an indirect, positive impact on mobile messaging and mobile data figures. Says Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell’s CEO, “We are in a growing market with the right product, and we have every reason to be excited about 2004.”