Need help managing information?

If your office is growing and you find yourself been buried under more papers than you create, you need an information management solution.
There’s two broad issues. How to handle your paper documents. Filing cabinets, drawers, boxes and etc. And then the aspect of digital records management.
Information Management Advisors, at has a treasure chest full of useful articles and calculators you can use.
Topics covered include:
Records Management Principles and Retention Schedules
Storing Records in your Office
Document Imaging
Backing up your computer data
Off-site data protection and storage
Microforms and
Electronic Vaulting
For an annual feel of $90 you get access to the content on this very useful site.
It’s not as pretty or fancy looking as many sites you might (or might not) be used to, but the information is valuable.
Getting your staff to go through this resource and learn about how to better store and manage your records could save you a lot of money in the near and long term future.