Network Associates and Microsoft Announce February Security Roadshow Dates

My spin:Anytime a vendor offers a seminar on something it might often be slanted, to be expected. However, most seminars are useful and help end users. Knowing how to prevent attacks and stop threats is important for IT managers.
McAfee Security experts for the McAfee(R) System Protection Solutions Group at Network Associates Inc. , will
discuss the important topic of intrusion prevention in a presentation titled, “Stopping the Evolving Threat with Intrusion Prevention.” As part of the presentation, McAfee Security experts will teach IT managers how to go beyond merely detecting threats to preventing them altogether with the McAfee “Path to Prevention,” a comprehensive plan of action to help businesses defend critical assets throughout the enterprise.
WHEN: February 9 Atlanta, GA
February 13 Honolulu, HI
February 23 Denver, CO
February 26 Dallas, TX
WHERE: For more information and to register, please visit: