“No name brand” PCs – sure they can save you a bundle and work just fine.

My spin: PC’s that are not from name brand vendors can be just as good as name brands. As with name brands, it really all depends on who builds it and the support they offer. If you can get a “white box” from a great reseller, then go for it. However, MAKE sure you know that reseller will be around for at least the life of the computer to be able to support it. If they won’t be around ensure you have alternative support options.
Fool.com: You’ve surely heard of personal computers churned out by the likes of Dell (Nasdaq: DELL – News), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ – News), IBM (NYSE: IBM – News), Gateway (NYSE: GTW – News), Sony (NYSE: SNE – News), and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL – News). There’s a good chance, though, that you haven’t heard of “white box PCs.” And, no, they’re not made by White Box, Inc.
There’s no official definition of what is and isn’t a white box PC, but it is essentially one not made (or at least branded) by any of the big-name makers. Instead, it’s likely put together by one of many thousands of small computer companies that exist in neighborhoods all over America. And it’s probably got an Intel (Nasdaq: INTC – News) microprocessor in it, not one made by Chipz on the Fly Inc.
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