One minute web site builder…absolute misery

My spin: Listen, I’m all for entrepreneurial innovation. However, touting that one can build a web site in one minute is terrible. This means for sure cookie-cutter web site, little thought on the individual business owner and the customer or web site audience.
I think, who also plays on the idea of speed and need to re-consider their value proposition.
What do you think?
Press Release: Quick on the Net launches what is believed to be the world’s fastest internet site builder. They claim you can have your new website on screen in less than one minute. Visitors at can click on ‘Try before you buy’ to instantly sample the goods before making a purchase, without even having to register.
With prices starting at under GBP10, customer websites can be edited and modified by their owners. After making a purchase, it is possible to upload pictures and change the style or appearance of each website. A range of upgrades is offered, but all sites come with a contact form, site search, email a link, and picture galleries as standard.
Aimed at both the small business sector and the leisure market, over 170 ready-to-go website templates are available to be customised, or users can choose to create their own unique design. Targeting a global audience, Quick on the Net accepts payment in five different currencies and is fully integrated with WorldPay’s credit card payment system.
Quick on the Net also provides business websites. They know that shrewd business owners might not wish their customers and clients to know that their new website was created at Quick on the Net. With this in mind, owners of business sites have the option use their own domain and strip away any references to Quick on the Net. The end product is a highly professional business website, which can be maintained and modified by its owner for a very low monthly fee.
Three primary methods of building and buying a website are offered. Firstly, there is the ‘gift voucher’ approach, targeted at consumers. Then, there is the ‘demo sites’ option, aimed at business owners. These are ready-built sites, which can be purchased and re-purposed by their owners. Thirdly, there is the ‘try before you buy’ method. This technique gives customers a flavour of what Quick on the Net is all about, by providing a cut-down version of the ‘TOOLKIT’, the unique website building tool itself.
How is this going to change the internet? As Karl Drury, Director of Quick on the Net Limited explains: “We’re all used to going online to pick up email and browse through other people’s websites. With Quick on the Net, we can actually own a piece of the web and publish our own content. Ownership of the internet appears to be turning on its head, shifting away from the corporate world and moving back to risk-takers and entrepreneurs.”