Quickonthenet.com responds

My spin: In a previous post I commented that Quickonthenet should NOT be proud of offering businesses a web site in one minute! Web sites take time and thought to be done properly – especially for a business.
Well Quickonthenet.com’s Media Relations Director replies below and clarifies their position:
The team behind Quick on the Net are well-seasoned in web development and we recognise that it can take a significant amount of time to build and complete a website.
However, our claim is very simple! You can have your new website on screen in one minute and we stand be that claim. Give it a try and I do believe you’ll find that is it true. Are you up for a challenge? http://www.quickonthenet.com/controlpanel/qotn/ If you’ve reached that point, why not have a go at adding, removing and renaming menu items and content. Let’s make another thing clear, we offer that for free! In other words, our clients can try before they buy, without registering, without any obligation. How many businesses can say that?
Yes, we’ve seen the cookie-cutter website builders. Let’s face it, everyone offers that. By contrast, we offer our customers a speedy route to getting the fundamentals of their site on screen. Then, we make it easy to modify the website to suit the needs of the individual business owner.
On top of that, it is possible to upload logo images, backgrounds, graphics and content. The end result is a highly professional website which can be maintained for a very low monthly fee. Yes, we have seriously considered our value proposition and yes, we want Quick on the Net websites to embrace the brand values and the spirit of the businesses they represent.
“…Absolute misery”, we trust not; this is an absolute triumph for any start-up business on a limited budget…