Should “off-line” businesses advertise online?

My spin: What if you are a New York City plumber, should you have a web site? Even just a one page one. Well, many customers are starting to use the Internet, as I do, to find local services and products. The New York Times is reporting that if you type the phrase “plumbers and 10036” into a Google search box, for example, and the search results yield not a single listing or text advertisement for plumbers in Midtown Manhattan. (The top listing on the search page is for plumbers in Woodlyn, Pa., which has a population of 10,036.)
The NY Times goes on to read: According to a report released last week by eMarketer, a technology research firm, online search advertising revenues in the United States will reach $2.5 billion this year and $3 billion next, and local search advertising will capture at least 15 percent of that market. As money moves into that segment of Internet advertising, Internet companies are quickly improving their services.
If you are a local, small business, it can not hurt to have a one page web site, listing the who,what, where, and when about your business.
You never know who is looking for you.
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