Startups seek new ways to search the Net

I do a lot of searching and I do it all via Google. While Google is great the PROBLEM I have is two fold a) knowing how best to enter a search query and b) getting so many responses that are not relevant.
The Kansas City Star is reporting that Grant Ryan, CEO of Eurekster Inc., San Francisco, launched a new site Eurekster last month, that provides users with “personalized” responses. If a user finds a Web page useful and stays on it for a while, it will come up at the top of the list the next time the user searches the same subject.
Eurekster also lets users share these results with close groups of friends or colleagues whom they identify through social-networking technology, which is also used on sites where people meet each other through their friends.
Before the end of the year, Ryan plans to unveil a more specialized product: searches designed for particular topics, and not for general use. For instance, a search product centered solely on fly-fishing might be installed on the Internet site of a fly-fishing store, or a search on breast cancer could be built into a health care Web page.

But I wonder, what’s wrong with bookmarking web pages that you find useful? I think the power of a search engine is helping you input the right question and then giving you the right answer.