There’s another virus but don’t get caught

Listen, there’s yet another virus on the lose and there will be many more coming. Guess what most viruses come via email attachments. I get boatloads of them, but only got burned ONCE in 15 years and that was because of my curiosity about if I could “see” the virus but not get infected.
Anyway – when you get email entitled “you are approved” and “as requested” and on and on – if you’ve got 50 in your email box or even one – just delete it, UNLESS you really are expecting something from a bank or something. Does the email come from “Joe” – well you might not have any friend with “Joe” in their email address line. THINK and be cautious.
Reuters is reporting that Security experts issued fresh alerts over a new, file-deleting version of the MyDoom e-mail worm that was targeting computer users with greater ferocity on Wednesday. The new outbreak, known as MyDoom.F, emerged late last week and has been gathering steam ever since.