Web casting for dummies

I’ve never produced a web cast before, but I have a feeling it’s not all that easy. However, e-StudioLive claims to make it easy. I’ve participated in many and I guess it might not be THAT difficult. Your “audience” dials a telephone number and goes to a web site and sits back. YOU , the presenter, run the show and that’s the harder part.
e-StudioLIVE(TM) Inc., a leading provider of webcast authoring software, today announced e-StudioLive 3.0, the next generation of its award winning product. e-StudioLive 3.0 is a desktop webcasting system that enables anyone to create online presentations that can include: streaming audio and video, PowerPoint slides, guided Web tours, Web graphics, as well as interactive features such as surveys and text chat. These webcasts can be delivered as a live event or in an on demand fashion.
Organizations today are discovering that webcasting is a powerful and cost-effective way to communicate with employees, customers, partners and students. In the past, creating a webcast has been an expensive and complex process. e-StudioLive simplifies this process enabling virtually anyone to deliver their message using the richness of a webcast. With e-StudioLive, users simply need to attach a camera, import a PowerPoint presentation and then go on-air and start presenting. With e-StudioLive 3.0, everyone can now Create, Present, and Deliver their message to anyone around the world, at anytime, and all without leaving their office.
Among the many new features, e-StudioLive 3.0 includes: a software based audio mixer that allows the use and mixing of multiple audio sources such as live microphones, MPEG video clips, or MP3 audio files; enhanced support for Flash movies during a webcast; the ability to deliver an audio only webcast for low bandwidth environments; and much more.