Who needs pre-paid Internet access

Pure WorldWide Internet, Inc. (PWI) announced today the launch of its nationwide prepaid Internet service called MyPrepaidInternet.com. But I wonder who needs it. With low cost dial-up access from Earthlink or some other ISP, why pay by the hour for it. You can get unlimited dial up for only $20 or so per month.
However, I must say, if you REALLY only need the yet a few hours per month, paying $.40 per hour is not bad.
PWI’s new prepaid service is the answer for people who don’t want or don’t need an Internet service that they have to pay for month after month – whether they use it or not. Up until now if users wanted access to the Internet they had to sign up with a service provider that required them to pay a monthly fee for “unlimited” access. Most users however, only need 20 to 30 hours, or even less. At average monthly rates many users are paying anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 per hour for Internet access. PWI’s prepaid service, which can be purchased with or without a credit card, sells for $0.40 per hour or less, no matter how little or how much it is used. Even better, there’s no monthly bill and unused hours last more than a year before they expire. Other features include 5 free email boxes, spam and virus protection, free tech support, unused hour meter and easy automated setup.