Wow – open source IP PBX

Pingtel is going to start making its IP PBX software available via Linux as a free open source download. I suppose you’ll still need the hardware though. According to Tech Web, Pingtel’s enterprise communications suite includes the SIPxchange Comm Server for IP PBX and call routing applications, SIPxchange Media Server with voicemail, auto-attendant and IVR, the Pingtel Configuration Server and the Instant xpressa SIP soft phone and xpressa desktop SIP phones.
How will they make money, you ask? Well, ala Red Hat, they hope to earn their daily bread by becoming a subscription-based software and services company, selling business-grade distributions of the open source code and offering the requisite customer support, documentation, professional services and training functions required of mission critical enterprise communications.

So many companies are moving to an open source software model. However I hope it’s not a dot-com bubble Part II. Meaning, let’s jump on the FREE bandwagon, we’ll make money later (or somehow). And then when money does not come in, although they have thousands or millions of non-revenue generating customers – the company has to fold.