Xerox Enjoys a Comeback

My spin: Top notch management is one very important aspect of a great company. Congrats to Xerox and Ms. Mulcahy.
NY Times reads, in part: he Xerox Corporation’s chief executive, Anne M. Mulcahy, is tired of defending Xerox’s long-term viability. “Our market share, our balance sheet, all show a strong company winning against competition, not one that’s just coming back from the brink,” she said.
Now, after four consecutive quarters of rising sales and profits and dropping costs and debt, investors, analysts, even competitors, are finally agreeing it is so.
“Their cost structure is good, their debt-to-capital ratio is down, they’ve got a plethora of new products – they’ve clearly benefited from all their restructuring and operational change,” said Jay Vleeschhouwer, an analyst at Merrill Lynch who put Xerox on his buy list in November.
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