Archive of March 2004

Security: educating the unwashed masses

Security is a VERY complex technology issue. HOWEVER, it can be one of the most important. Once you learn how to use your PC right (we never finish learning) you then must know how to use it safely. Ok so you are careful to open email attachments. But what about other threats like spyware. It’s […]

Users baffled by smartphones

This is where technology and me collide. I love technology. I’m Mr. Gadget. My desk has 3 PDAs, a black berry, wires, chargers, you name it. HOWEVER, I believe in the simplicity of technology. Smartphones are nice and I’m sure some of the upper-crust geeks use them. But when you want to talk, you want […]

Review: Small Servers Right-Sized for Small Business

Smallbizpipeline gives some tips when selecting a server for your business. In evaluating systems for this review, we considered many factors. We wanted these machines to be viable for at least three years. Small businesses don’t have the capital for a replacement cycle any shorter than that,and frankly, we expect users to keep them until […]

Circuit City profits rise

I shope at the Circuit City in Brooklyn and I can see why their profits would rise. They’ve got a good selection, it could be more extensive. Overall the sales people know about the products, the prices are good, the retun policies are liberal and customer service is great. CNN Money is reporting that Circuit […]

Sony open for retail business

Opening up more retail stores, is not something to be done lightly. There’s plenty of retailers that sell tech products and will compete with Sony for the customer’s time, pocket book/wallet and overall mind share. When you go shopping for a computer, unless you really want a Sony product, you’d be best served going to […]

Best of Breed or the whole kitchen sink

This is a debate that every business owner must face as they consider a technology solution. Do you go with one product that can do just about everything. Accounting, email marketing, customer analysis, order fulfillment and etc, as many “ERP” packages can do. Or do you get 3 – 4 different products, hopefully link them […]

Lexmark’s Color Laser C510

At only $699 Lexmark’s Color Laser C510 printer is a good buy. I have not fully tested other color laser printers, but my first impression of what Lexmark has done is an A+. This 67 pound mini-giant is not something that you want your 110 pound secretary to lift. But once it’s out of the […]

NetSuite Named Finalist for eWEEK’s Excellence Awards

NetSuite, Inc., today announced that eWEEK, a Ziff Davis Media publication and one of the leading newsweeklies in the IT industry, has named NetSuite 9.0 a finalist in its prestigious Excellence Awards program., Microsoft CRM and Siebel Systems were not named as finalists. NetSuite’s award-winning product offerings include NetSuite, Oracle(R) Small Business Suite, NetCRM […]