Better Web Mail

Forbes: Remember the good old days, when you only had one e-mail address to keep track of?
Those were good days all right. E-mail was a brand new method of communication for most people in the early 1990s, and finding others who actually had an e-mail address was a bit of a challenge. Spam–all that unwanted commercial e-mail–was practically unheard of, and no one cared to rudely ask if you were paying too much at the pump for gasoline, or if you wanted a date with a stranger.
Now it’s pretty common for a person to have more e-mail addresses than they can comfortably keep track off. There’s the account at work, then the personal account. Then there’s the litany of secondary accounts, often on Web mail services like Microsoft’s (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people ) Hotmail or Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO – news – people ). Then that old e-mail account from college is probably still around, thanks to your friendly alumni organization, and perhaps from one or two Web domains you happen to own.
If that scenario sounds familiar, you’ve probably found it a time-consuming chore to keep track of all these accounts. Some Internet mail services, including e-mail addresses on personal Web domains, will let you access your messages from regular e-mail programs like Microsoft’s Outlook Express or Qualcomm’s (nasdaq: QCOM – news – people ) Eudora. Some also offer the option of having all e-mail forwarded to one address. (click here for the full article)