Boeing unveils pricing for in-flight Web access

USA Today is reporting that Boeing Thursday announced pricing for its Connexion high-speed Internet service that will soon enable travelers to surf the Web or send messages to friends or co-workers while cruising at 30,000 feet.
The flat rate, which would give a user unlimited Internet access, will cost $29.95 for flights lasting longer than six hours. Each three- to six-hour leg will be charged at $19.95, while access on trips under three hours would cost $14.95.
The metered price will be $9.95 for long- and medium-haul flights, plus 25 cents a minute after the first 30 minutes. For short-haul flights lasting less than three hours, Connexion access will cost $7.95 for the first half-hour, plus 25 cents for every additional minute. (full story)