Cell Phones Get More Computer Functions

While this sounds really cool and neat. Is it practical. What do I want to do on my computer, type, read email, type, read email, do presentations, access the Internet – for starters. My cell phone, although vendors want to cram every tech wonder into it, is so small, as it should be that its not practical for doing these “computing” things.
Washingtonpost.com is reporting that Of the half billion or so cell phones produced in 2003, fewer than 10 million were so-called “smart phones” with the type of operating system, calendar, e-mail and other software found on computers and handheld organizers.
All the rest of those handsets also run on software, albeit dozens of incompatible operating systems, each chiefly designed to deliver what is still the only “killer application” most users demand of a cell phone – to be a phone.
For those even aware there’s software involved, the decision to buy a cell phones still tends to revolve around stylistic preferences – “candy bar” or “clamshell” shape, for example.
But this week, at the U.S. cellular industry’s annual trade show, a number of influential companies will be heralding what they see as a not-so-distant future when it’s all about software. (full story)