Defragrment your PC and add life to your PC…

≠The cost of unhandled fragmentation can be staggering for a small business. Disk defragmentation cripples system performance while also causing needless wear and tear on disk drives. According to IDC, “Although many companies acknowledge that file fragmentation is a fact of life on most modern distributed systems, few are aware of just how much it is costing the bottom line in terms of lost performance and downtime.” According to IDC, costs of handling fragmentation manually, like using the built-in rather than a network defragmenter, can cost as much as $25,000 for only 10 systems. The best solution for a small business is the automatic disk defragmenter DiskeeperÆ 8.0 from Executive SoftwareÆ.
Diskeeper 8.0 is the first defragmenter to quantify the effects of fragmentation on performance of both Windows workstations and servers and provides a new interface with detailed reports on just how much improvement. Diskeeper even alerts system administrators when it encounters potential data corruption with an email detailing the exact machine and the problems found, enabling proactive management.
Retailers such as Tech Depot and Comp USA are currently offering special pricing for Diskeeper Small Business Edition, available through the Executive Software website at:
Diskeeper 8.0 ships as specialized editions designed for each ‘flavor’ of Windows. Diskeeper Small Business Edition includes 1 server, 1 administrator version and 5 workstations. Diskeeper Small Business edition can be purchased through your favorite reseller or directly at the Executive Software web site located at:
More information on Diskeeper 8.0 is available at: