Gateway Customers Barely Lift a Finger for Enhanced PC Security

Gateway, Inc. is putting security at customers’ fingertips with the launch of the enhanced Gateway(R) 450+ notebook PC, now available with a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor.
Security-conscious government agencies and corporations that need to protect applications, email, files and web sites from unauthorized users can benefit from the secure fingerprint sensor of the Gateway 450+ — an optional feature built into the notebook’s palmrest. Educational institutions can use the fingerprint sensor to authenticate identities for test-taking and distance learning verification. The biometrics sensor also protects against confidential data loss should the notebook be lost or stolen.
Organizations can use the Gateway 450+ with fingerprint reader to help reduce IT help desk calls related to password resets thanks to the notebook’s ability to match e-mail, website and application passwords to fingerprints. The device supports fast user switching, so a single finger swipe allows instantaneous and secure access to privileged data and passwords for that individual user — a benefit when a single PC is accessed by multiple users.