– more than domain name registration

I’ve placed all of my domain names with – why? It’s low cost and feature rich. GoDaddy, like any good retailer makes a lot of its money from selling additional services. One of these services, it latest is email marketing.
I use Roving’s Constant contact for my email newsletter management. announced the debut of QuickSizzle Email Maker & Mailer,ô a permission-based email marketing suite that builds professional email campaigns through targeted client lists in keeping with current Spam regulations.
As a complete online marketing agent, QuickSizzle assists users in developing and managing subscriber lists, scheduling mailings and analyzing campaign effectivenessóstarting at an annual fee of $29.95 for 5,000 emails.
“QuickSizzle originated from the need of legitimate businesses to fully explore their Web potential through inexpensive Internet marketing practicesówithout being perceived as spam,” says Bob Parsons, president and founder of Go Daddy. “This product suite allows businesses to tap into the power of online marketing while only targeting visitors who opt-in, and at a significantly lower cost than typical e-Marketing programs.”
With QuickSizzle, businesses can add customers individually to the subscriber list, or can import a subscriber list in bulk from an external file. An anti-spam compliance feature includes an “unsubscribe” mechanism as well as a “Report Spam Abuse” link to ensure that only interested parties receive each email campaign. The program’s database component then allows users to capture visitors’ email addresses, as well as demographic and interest group information, with their expressed consent.
As an email builder, QuickSizzle offers professional design options and content development direction for customization on each campaign, including sales promotions, newsletters and product announcements. The easy-to-use software features a step-by-step guide to creating compelling copy and design layout, with multiple template options.
A scheduling tool allows Web owners to determine their delivery calendar, with each email monitored in real-time for effectiveness. Further post analysis is also available, including click-through rates and open rates. Users can review response rates based on selected criteria, either for one specific campaign or for a group of mailers.
QuickSizzle was produced in-house by Go Daddy’s research and development company, Starfield Technologies, Inc.
“We have long had a policy regarding spam and spam content on our servers,” says Parsons. “This software will help our customers become compliant with not only the federal regulations, but also Go Daddy’s strict anti-spam policy.”