Groove Upgrades Virtual Office Software

If you want to have a “virtual office” to enable document collaboration, instant messaging and many other tools that can connect teams of people – Groove’s offering is hard to beat.
Information Week talks about Groove’s latest upgrade.
The upgrade has a host of new features, chief among them a forms designer that nontechnical types, someone comfortable with writing macros in other programs, for instance, can use to create on-the-fly business-process forms, said Andrew Mahon, the company’s director of marketing.
The forms tool supports JavaScript and VBScript, said Mahon, and more advanced developers can use a new developers Web services API to connect existing company data with Groove.
Other new features and enhancements include a refresh of the Groove user interface–the new LaunchPad, which closely mimics the look of an instant messenger client, such as AIM, now allows better organization of workspaces and is context sensitive. When another member of a workspace team is online, for instance, that workspace rolls to the top of the list, said Mahon.