Head to Head: BlackBerry vs. Treo

News Factor gives us a head-to-head overview of Hand Spring Treo 600 and the latest Blackberry.
Personally, if I really want a data device I’d go with the Blackberry for its larger screen and bigger keyboard

News Factor writes: Should RIM be worrying about the latest Treo handheld? In this two-part series, NewsFactor compares the Treo 600 with RIM’s BlackBerry 7000 handheld series in terms of the features that enterprise users really want.
One feature that gives BlackBerry an edge over Treo is that enterprise I. T. managers can use RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to give employees the ability to retrieve e-mails from behind the corporate firewall. Offering support for both the Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino environments, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software provides I.T. departments with centralized administration, end-to-end security using Triple DES encryption and multi-network support.
Even if one’s company does not have RIM’s enterprise software running on its servers, RIM’s BlackBerry Web Client will enable the 7210, 7230 and 7280 to benefit from always-on, push-based access to corporate e-mails, as well as standard ISP-based e-mail accounts. For example, T-Mobile allows each of its subscribers to have e-mail messages wirelessly forwarded to a BlackBerry 7230 from up to 10 POP3 e-mail accounts. (full story)