How do I love Google? Let me count the ways

Anchor Desk’s David Coursey gives us his spin, on what most of us all know is true – that Google is wonderful. I’ve used Google hundreds of times (well thousands) to find answers to so many questions. It’s ironic, I couldn’t find a solution for my Palm PDA on Palm’s site, but found it via Google. This happens all the time.
David writes: Ten years ago, I used to spend hours on the phone doing this sort of research. OK, not the music stuff, but lots of business questions. Some were as simple as locating a company or getting information about specific products I was interested in.
Today, I Google most of this information myself or have my new assistant Rachel do it for me. I’m still a better searcher than she is, usually because I know more about what I’m interested in than she does, but also because I have a lot more experience.
THE SECOND-EASIEST way to use Google is to download and install the free toolbar for Internet Explorer. To use it, you must agree to the terms of service. Among those terms: to get some advanced features, you must agree to let information about the site you’re browsing be sent back to Google. But that’s optional, something you elect during the installation process.
I’ve never had a bad experience with any Google product. It helps to spend some time learning to turn a search phrase properly. (Google itself, of course, offers some handy tips.) But even with advanced techniques, the search engine occasionally provides unexpectedly useless results, requiring a different line of attack. However, I find that to be more of an adventure than an annoyance. (full story)