How I run my business with online software

David Coursey, Executive Editor, AnchorDesk gives us an overview of why online software works just fine for him in many cases, as opposed to traditionally intsalled software on one’s computer.
He writes: Remember back when the Internet was going to change the way business software was delivered? The idea was that, instead of buying software, you’d subscribe to it as a service delivered over the Net. Our applications and data would reside on someone else’s server, and we’d be free to follow our bliss, knowing that someone else was taking care of the updates and patches, that we’d never have to break open a box, insert a CD, or type in an activation code again.
For most companies, software-as-a-service is still nothing more than a nice idea. But here at David Coursey Consulting, Inc. (when I’m not writing this column, I help tech companies organize events), it’s real. We’ve been pioneering this world of new software, and I want to tell you about it because I think it could be tremendously useful for all sorts of companies, big and small.