HP’s Gateway to PC Dominance?

Washington Post’s Cynthia Webb gives us a deeper perspective into HP’s lawsuit against HP and explains why it might be more than just a “lawsuit”.

Washington Post reads: Hewlett-Packard knocked Compaq Computer out of the personal computer marketplace two years ago by acquiring the rival. It was a controversial deal that almost cost CEO Carly Fiorina her job. But it appears to be paying off in the long run.
Now, HP may be aiming to sweep Gateway from the PC playing field in hopes it can take on Dell Inc. in a one-on-one championship match. Think of it as the same view Sen. John Kerry must have of Ralph Nader: Just as Nader is vilified by Democrats for his proven ability to take liberal votes away from their candidate, HP must see Gateway chipping away at valuable PC market share as it seeks to knock Dell off its pedestal.
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