Intuit – reaching accounts by accountants.

One of the key ways that Intuit and its competition gain market share is by a) getting accountants to recommend software to their customers and b) getting accountants to use the accountant version of their software.
In this respect Intuit’s ProConnection newsletter for accounts and by accountants appears to be a smashing success.
Launched just over a year ago, Intuit ProConnection has already attracted 50,000 subscribers who rely on each other to help build their accounting practices. Intuit ProConnection offers a monthly email newsletter featuring a range of best practices, insightful tips and tools for using QuickBooks(r) and other Intuit products, as well as other valuable resources. All are designed to help accounting and financial professionals work more efficiently, deliver a wider range of value-added services to clients, and market their practices more effectively.
Driven by accountant feedback, Intuit ProConnection has also recently added valuable new benefits for accountants including:
∑ Checklists for QuickBooks(r) software, marketing, and more;
∑ Client Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates;
∑ Benchmarks against which to measure an accountant’s practice;
∑ A marketing guide to help accounting professionals build their practices;
∑ Marketing templates and brochures to help conduct marketing campaigns quickly and easily;
∑ Engagement and other client letter templates; and
∑ Special offers and more information on Intuit products and services.
Accounting and financial professionals can sign up to receive Intuit ProConnection at