Learning how to hack for your company

Washington Post gives a bird’s eye view on an “ethical hacking” course. Although the course was $4,500 if it helps your employees know how to really stop hackers and more importantly THINK like one, the $4,500 is nothing compared to saving you millions in lost time and stolen intellectual property.
If you don’t know your enemy, how can you fight them?
Here’s a snip of the WP article: By the end of the week, Collins and her fellow campers will learn how hackers slip past security to walk right into an office and find unoccupied computers to look up the names of internal files, or dive into garbage dumpsters in search of corporate records; and how they scan company Internet addresses to identify the human resources and accounting systems. They will also learn the more infantile of hacker behaviors, such as how to deface Web sites to embarrass the opposition. Again and again, the instructor tells the class “firewalls just don’t matter.”
“I’ve been breaking into stuff for 10 years now, in one way or another,” said the instructor, John Nunes, 33, a former Navy man who said he once worked at the National Security Agency. Now a civilian, he dyed the back of his mullet-style hair a not-so-subtle shade of green. “I’m gonna tell you how to do it as a bad guy, ’cause it’s important that you know how to do it.”
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