Lexmark’s Color Laser C510

At only $699 Lexmark’s Color Laser C510 printer is a good buy. I have not fully tested other color laser printers, but my first impression of what Lexmark has done is an A+.
This 67 pound mini-giant is not something that you want your 110 pound secretary to lift. But once it’s out of the box, you take off all the safety tape (as found on all new printers), add paper, install any add-ons – the printer works and works well.
I plugged it onto my network and when I turned the printer on it automatically found the IP address and spat out a paper telling me all the networking information I needed to know.
I installed the software into one of my computers, followed the instructions (one minor hitch occurred with me creating a new IP port) and things are smooth sailing so far.
It was a little loud with each print, maybe there’s something I didn’t push down all the way (I’ll ask Lexmark). But over the next few days, I’ll be testing it and let you know my results.