Linux is not just for servers, but for desktops too

Linux is growing like crazy on corporate servers, but has been much slower on the desktop, primarily because of the lack of a decent interface. However, is reporting that : Thanks to its streamlined and relatively secure core, the Linux operating system has gradually been winning a place on servers in federal agencies. Now Linux is making inroads on desktop PCs as well, territory that has long been ruled by Microsoft Corp.’s Windows.
For many years, Linux has been a viable desktop option for those who are as comfortable using a command line as they are using a mouse. Average users, however, have found Linux to be a much more complicated interface than Windows or Apple Computer Inc.’s Macintosh. But Linux interfaces have become much more user-friendly.
Security is another reason for agencies to consider Linux for desktop computers. The Windows-borne viruses that have hit in the past year present a challenge for information technology departments that need to closely manage desktop computers to avoid security risks and potential damage to other IT assets, including mission-critical servers. (full story)