New 2-way radios better than FRS

USA Today is reporting The Family Radio Service looked like a great idea when the first FRS radios appeared several years ago. The radios are a cross between a walkie-talkie and citizens band radio. They allow individuals to communicate with each other over a public channel using a small, handheld radio.
But the radios turned out to be too popular and too limited. At some locations, such as amusement parks, the FRS channels are so loaded with chatter there’s no room for you.
The big cell phone networks now offer a walkie-talkie option that can reach someone almost anywhere in the country. But that requires upgrading your phone and paying a monthly fee. Even then, you can’t talk to friends if you have service from Verizon and they’re on Sprint or Nextel.
As an alternative, check out the new models of handheld radios that use General Mobile Radio Service frequencies. (full story)