New Domain Is Proposed – for wireless devices.

At first I thought to myself, “What another domain name. Don’t we already have too many”. However in reading the NY Times article on this, I think it’s a good idea. Why? It will only be for wireless/mobile device access. Not that PC’s can’t get to the content, but a wireless user on a small PDA will know that going to this certain domain means their device can more easily read and interact with the contact at that location.
In a sign that the wireless Internet is coming of age, Nokia, Vodafone, Microsoft and six other technology and telecommunications companies joined Wednesday to propose the equivalent of Internet address category for mobile Web access.
The nine companies, which also include Hewlett-Packard, the Orange unit of France TÈlÈcom and Samsung Electronics, announced their application for a mobile-specific domain in London. The actual name for the address suffix has yet to be determined, but would indicate a wireless theme,, the group said.
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