NEWSWEEK COVER: ‘The Next Frontiers: Google’

Newsweek covers Google and the tech industry in its next magazine issue.
Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Internet- based search engine Google, tells Newsweek that he isn’t worried about the brewing “Search Wars,” as companies like Microsoft scramble to catch-up to the success of his multibillion-dollar phenomenon. “I’ve seen companies obsessed with competition, say, with Microsoft, that keep looking in their rearview mirror and crash into a tree head-on because they’re so distracted,” Brin tells Senior Editor Steven Levy in the March 29 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, March 22). “If I had one magic bullet, I wouldn’t spend it on a competitor, I’d spend it to make sure we’re executing as well as we possibly can. I think we’re doing a pretty good job.”
In this installment of Newsweek’s ongoing series about how technology is changing the way we work and live, Levy reports that every minute, worldwide, in 90 languages, the index of Google, created by Stanford doctoral dropouts Brin, 30, and Larry Page, 31, is probed more than 138,000 times. In the course of a day, that’s over 200 million searches of 6 billion Web pages, images and discussion-group postings. “Search is the ultimate killer online app,” says Bob Davis, former CEO of Lycos. “The Internet without search is like a cruise missile without a guidance system.” (full story)